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Best Wireless AirPods of 2021

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1-If you are looking for the best wireless AirPods for 2021 that works with Bluetooth for remote connection, you can now view a large selection of the latest types of original wireless earbuds currently available in the market to be your guide when buying, as we have compiled a list of 14 best AirPods A new one that provides and meets your needs when it comes to buying a strong wireless earbud in terms of design and great audio performance that provides you with complete comfort when listening to wireless audio on your devices to be suitable for your iPhone and Android phone, and these headphones also come under the name Earbuds in many companies producing with Same performance and quality.
The AirPods headphones group below has been selected based on many of the features and advantages that it provides, the most prominent and most important of which is the very appropriate design so that the headphones stay in your ears for a long time without feeling anything, unlike other headphones that are not good in terms of design. Besides, they bring The headphones listed here in the lines below are high-quality stereoscopic sound that makes you enjoy and explain comfort while listening to any audio clip. There is a third and final reason, which is that wireless headphones are always elegant and wonderful compared to wired headphones, and the only drawback of wireless headphones is that they consume the device’s battery more than headphones wired.
2-This new type of headphones is one of the latest trends in headphones launched by Apple after it dispensed with the 3.5 mm port on the phone, and then other companies started releasing many headphones under the name of Earbuds after doing Apple’s approach by dispensing with the same port for wired headphones, Where previously there was a type of headphones that are wireless earbuds that come with a collar-like design and shape with only one wire connecting the two headphones so that they are worn around the neck.
3-With the very large number of wireless AirPods available in the market, it will be difficult for anyone to determine the best earphone when thinking about buying, as there are very high prices in the market (Amazon prices), but this is not a standard for its preference, and for this reason it was necessary to work on This article is to clarify the best and suitable earbuds to buy so that you avoid buying a headset and then discover that it is not suitable and has some technical defects, but with the follow-up to this explanatory article you will be able to determine and choose the best headphone suitable for you.
4-Note: If you want to get traditional wireless headphones, follow the report on the best Bluetooth headphones that come with an extra small wire to give a smooth and beautiful shape while wearing these headphones. This report includes a large group of multiple brands with outstanding performance.

( The 14 Best Wireless AirPods of 2021)

Best Wireless AirPods of 2021

( 1. Sony WF-1000XM3 Wireless Earbuds )

One of the most beautiful features that distinguish this headset from other headphones is its noise isolation, thus, it will make you feel comfortable when listening to acoustics, besides this the weight of the headset reaches only 70 grams, which means that the headset is very light and you will not feel any fatigue, especially when the headset remains in your ear Long time throughout the day, and it has a powerful battery of up to 6 hours of continuous use and an additional 18 hours via the charging case attached to the headset through which the watch can be charged, and the headset supports NFC technology, so the headset is great and Sony has worked to develop it better and avoid all The problems with the previous Sony WF-1000X headset, and here are the three most important features of the watch:
1– Noise canceling.
2– The sound is more than wonderful and fun to listen to.
3– Battery life technology support.
4- But it is not suitable for sports.
*To sum up, if you are looking for an AirPods headphone that offers noise cancellation, I recommend this headphone WF-1000XM3, which focuses primarily on noise isolation or noise cancellation so that it helps users listen to the acoustics without any disturbance, unlike some other headphones completely, as They provide exceptional sound quality.

( 2. Sennheiser Momentum Headset )

This headset focuses on great and powerful sound and noise isolation. The headset also comes with a weight of only 6 grams, which means that it is much lighter, and it carries a battery of up to 7 hours, and through the charging case, the watch can be charged for an additional 28 hours and supports IPX4 technology, which is what This means that the speaker is water-resistant, which is a more than wonderful feature and everyone needs it, and it supports NFC technology and feature. As for the design, it has a good-looking and elegant design with high-resolution audio support.
1- The design is super cool.
2- High-fidelity sound.
3- Battery life technology support.
In general, if we summarize the characteristics and features of the AirPods Sennheiser Momentum headset, we will find that it is almost confined to three main things, namely the attractive elegant design and high-fidelity sound compared to other headphones, in addition to the battery life that is more than wonderful, reaching 7 hours as mentioned above, but unfortunately, it is available The watch is expensive compared to some other types of watches.

( 3. Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 Headset )

Comes with a closed acoustic design, the headset weighs 9.2 grams, and the battery life is strong compared to some other types of headphones, as it reaches 9 hours, and through the accompanying charging case, the headset can be charged for up to 36 additional hours, and the frequency response is up to 20-20,000 Hz. That’s not all Something about the specifications of the Cambridge Audio Melomania 1 watch, and even supports NFC technology, and there are many other features and characteristics of the watch, the most prominent of which are the following:
1- Great sound quality.
2– Very comfortable design.
3- Battery life technology support.
4- Fairly favorable price.
The main drawback of this headset is that the control buttons are annoying to use, but this does not detract from the advantages offered by the watch, including advanced audio equipment, this headset may not provide the noise cancellation technology provided by the wireless earbuds WF-1000XM3 from Sony. But at the same time, it is $000 cheaper than the Sony headset, as it has a strong and distinctive battery life, and is superior to the Sony headset, which comes with a battery of up to 6 hours of work only.

( 4. Lypertek Tevi Headset )

Lypertek Tevi AirPods specifications include a closed acoustic design, frequency response up to 20-20,000 Hz, and a battery life of up to 10 hours, which is a large number compared to the above headphones, with support for the battery life (charging case) that works on charging the battery 70 hours Additional via the charging case, but the headset does not support NFC technology, unfortunately. This is not all, but this headset carries a set of some other additional advantages that everyone is looking for, which are represented in the following points:
1– Longer battery life.
2– The design is quite cool.
3– Strong and balanced sound.
4– Battery life technology support.
This, and the source has said that the Lypertek Tevi headset is one of the best headphones we’ve tried, and that means it’s worth buying thanks to many features such as USB-C charging support, fairly great balanced sound, and a long battery life of up to 10 hours with 70 Extra Hour Conclusion, this headphone is powerful and unique and competes with other types of headphones available in the market.

(5. Klipsch T5 True Wireless Headset)

This headset came with a longer battery life of up to 8 hours with additional charging from the headset box that can charge the watch up to 24 additional hours, closed acoustic design and frequency response up to 20-20000 Hz, but the headset does not support NFC technology As for the sound of the headset It comes with excellent sound, and the Klipsch T5s headset is said to be the best model available in the market today, according to the source.
1– Longer battery life.
2– The sound is more than wonderful.
3– Stunning design.
4– Support Battery life technology.
In any case, this headset meets all your needs when you need sound, design and longer battery life! Yes, you will find all these features and features in the Klipsch T5 True headset, which is one of the best wireless earbuds available in the market today thanks to all these features, most notably the additional battery life of up to 24 hours thanks to the battery life (charging case) technology as we mentioned the above .

( 6. Apple AirPods Pro for iPhone )

This headset, designed by the American company Apple, is the first AirPods headset in the market, and it came with technical specifications that include a battery of up to 5 hours of work, in addition to support for a feature that gives the ability and ability of the charging case to charge the watch for up to 24 additional hours, as well as supports NFC technology and response The frequency reaches 20-20,000 Hz, and it is one of the latest and newest wireless headphones from Apple, and it brings noise-cancellation feature and great design to attract a large number of users.
1– Good noise cancellation feature.
2– A good headphone in terms of sound and design.
3– Good battery life.
4– Battery life technology support.
The headset supports a USB-C charger in general. If you are an iPhone user and have a desire to buy a wireless earbud, it is best to buy this headset, which provides all the features and features you need, including the feature of examining your ears to verify that it is suitable when First time use.

(7. Jabra Elite 75t)

* This headset came with strong technical specifications, including a battery life of up to 7.5 hours, with a charging case capable of charging the headset up to 20 hours, in addition to the closed acoustic design and a frequency response of up to 20-20,000 Hz, but this headset does not support NFC technology as in some other headphones And there are some unique characteristics as in the list below.
1– The headset comes equipped with an application that allows customizing the equalizer.
2– Long battery life up to 7 hours of work.
3– The sound quality is good but not excellent.
4– Support Battery life technology.
* The company has greatly improved the Jabra Elite 75t headset and all the problems that users were experiencing in the previous Jabra Elite 65t headset have disappeared, but unfortunately the headset does not provide noise cancellation and it does not have the best sound quality, but it is to some extent powerful, especially if you are making calls frequently throughout the day.

( 8. Beats PowerBeats Pro Headphones )

* One of the very comfortable headphones, it never falls out of your ears, unlike other types of headphones, so it is suitable for people who exercise heavily, and it comes with specifications that include a longer battery life of up to 25 hours, and you can open the headphone case to see how much battery life is left and a closed audio design And support for NFC technology, and the headset contains a “central control button” and this means that you will be able to control the audio manually, and if you activate “Hey Siri” then you will be able to control the headset through some voice commands, which is something more than wonderful. Certainly not this Everything, you can take a quick look at the list of the most important specifications of this headset.
1– Long battery life of up to 25 hours.
2– Distinguished and superior sound quality.
3– Easy to pair and work with the iOS system.
* In my humble opinion, this headset is one of the best reliable headphones, as it supports pairing and works with Apple “iOS” devices. Therefore, it will be very useful for any user who owns an iPhone, and there are some simple additions to the headset, but they are very important such as The ventilation hole, which reduces pressure on your ear, especially if you use it a lot throughout your day.

(9. SoundMAGIC TWS50 Headset)

* We start talking about the most important technical specifications of the headset, which is the battery life of up to 7 hours of work, which is an excellent number with the charging case support with an additional card of up to 23 hours to charge the headset, and it also comes with a closed audio design as in other headphones, but does not support NFC, the sensitivity of the headset is up to 107 decibels, and here are some other specifications and features in the list below.
1– The design of the headset is very comfortable.
2– Long battery life.
3– A wide and wonderful sound.
4– Battery life technology support.
* The headset comes with great performance, a more than great price, a comfortable design, great sound, and support for the fifth generation Bluetooth technology “Bluetooth 5.0”. To sum up, if you are looking for an alternative to the Apple headset, this headset is the best alternative that can be purchased at a reasonable price and suitable for most users, and the beautiful thing about it is that it is suitable Exactly for small, medium or large ears, therefore, you will not have a problem with wearing it in your ear.

( 10. B&O Beoplay E8 2.0 Earphones )

* This headset has a battery life of up to 4 hours, a closed acoustic design, a frequency response at a rate of 20-20000 Hz, and the headset supports NFC technology. Not only that, but the headset comes with a sound that is more than wonderful in the sense of the word, and this is according to what the source mentioned, and either charging the headset gives you a box The accompanying charging can charge the headset with an additional capacity of up to 23 hours, and the wireless range is up to 100 feet in this headset, and some other advantages are represented in the points below.
1– The sound quality is excellent.
2– Exceptional design.
3– The headset is easy to set up and can be handled easily.
4– Support Battery life technology.
* Another beautiful thing about this headset is the ability to adjust the sound according to your convenience, and this is through the Beoplay application available on the store for Android and iPhone phones and devices. Anyway, the Bang & Olufsen E8 2.0 headphones look powerful and great in terms of sound and touch-sensitive buttons, but unfortunately, they lack the active noise cancellation feature, and they are considered one of the best wireless earbuds in terms of shape and design with more than great sound quality.
Best Wireless AirPods of 2021

(11. Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW Headset )

*The AirPods headphones carry a closed audio design with support for “NFC” technology, and the weight of the headset is only 8 grams, and the frequency response is 5 Hz, and the battery life is up to 45 hours with the capacity of the charging case and sensitivity by 110 decibels, and there are significant improvements to the sound to sound better and stronger with these The headset has sound profiles, and the volume in this headset has been raised above some competitors. As for the design, the watch comes with.
1- Very good shape and design.
2- The battery life is very long.
3- A distinctive voice.
4- The most beautiful design.
* As for the main disadvantages in this headset, the most notable of them is the “weight” of the headset, it seems somewhat heavy compared to some other headphones, but this does not detract from the other characteristics that this giant headset provides anyway, Audio-Technica ATH-CKS5TW is one of the headphones that fit Many users thanks to the great sound and long battery life, along with the elegant design as well, and it is one of the wire-free headphones and the headset is charged via the charging case and will connect via Bluetooth automatically when the watch is removed from the case, and turn off when the headset is put back into the case again.

(12. Sony WF-SP800N Headset)

This headset came with specifications that include a closed audio design with the charging case up to 18 hours with support for NFC technology In addition, the size of this headset weighs only about 9.3 grams, and support for the 360 ​​Reality Audio feature that gives you a realistic sound experience from all directions and is also called Spatial audio technology from Sony, and it also provides a wide range of the most important features and features that must be available in any wireless earbud, the most prominent of which are the following:
1– Support for noise and distortion cancellation feature.
2– Support for IP55 water resistance.
3– Support 360 Reality Audio.
The Sony WF-SP800N headphone is one of the latest Sony headphones, and it supports IP55 technology to be resistant to water and dust with a high degree of water resistance, and it is very good, especially for travelers, thanks to the noise-canceling feature. throughout the day, and this is almost the only defect in the Sony WF-SP800N headset, according to what the source indicated.

(13. Grado GT220 Headset)

If you are looking for powerful, pure, lifelike sound that isolates you from the outside world and is rich in details, then these amazing headphones come with impressive clear sound with amazing controls and a lightweight body, as they come in a weight of 5 grams per earbud and also come with a charging caseIt weighs 42 grams, which can be charged wirelessly through a Qi-type charging pad. It is worth noting that the charging time of the charging case is approximately two hours, with the possibility of responding to touch and volume control as you wish, in addition to a very long battery life, where the continuous working hours of the headset reach up to 36 hours with its charging case and the headphones support dealing with Google Assistant and Siri, the headphones provide you with a quick response and clear call quality as the headphones handle high-quality and accurate digital audio files easily and comfortably, and the headphones connect to your device via aptX Bluetooth 5 feature and are compatible with the AAC codec Which makes the sound with high quality and accuracy, but on the other hand, there are some files that these headphones do not excel in, which are Tidal Masters files, which are supported through MQA, and in the end, are the most prominent advantages This headset enjoys in the points below.
1– Great sound in all respects.
2– The ability to control it by touch with the speed of sound response.
3– Lightweight and comfortable to some extent.
It is worth noting that this headset works with a closed sound design and with a frequency response from 20 Hz to 20,000 Hz. As for the defects in the headset, it is represented in the fact that it does not support the NFC feature, in addition to that it does not support the noise blocking feature and has no application to control its equipment The interior, and the headset comes with the illuminated G logo in two different colors, and the price of the headset is $ 000.

(14. Bose QuietComfort Earbuds)

*These headphones are better than the old version SoundSport Free, not only in terms of design but also in terms of providing many great features, including noise-canceling and ANC blocking with the possibility of obtaining excellent sound quality. It is also comfortable and balanced despite its large size, but it is considered the best in its class The headset is charged wirelessly safely and conveniently, and the headset supports the Bose Music application, which works to add volume controls through the touch feature. These headphones have outperformed Sony and Apple headphones, as these headphones offer the best performance starting from being able to block out noise From any device up to 10 levels of ANC, as for the design of the headset, it is very similar to the WF-1000XM3 headphones from Sony, and the charging case comes with many accessories, and this headset guarantees you more fit and stability whether you are standing, walking, playing sports and jogging And also jumping, and here you will get pure, clear, stable and stable sound quality in the ear without worrying about the headset falling or shaking, and as for the battery, it comes with a long life and can work up to six hours continuously from Operation As for the charging case, it can provide you with two additional full chargers and the headphones work with IPX4 feature that is resistant to sweat and ambient weather conditions, and it is worth noting that you can charge the case wirelessly through any Qi-enabled device and the headset provides you with USB-C to connect the case with the cable and in the end are the most prominent advantages This headset enjoys in the points below.
1- The sound of the headset is more than wonderful, it is rich and clear.
2– Safe and comfortable.
3- It supports the best-in-class ANC noise canceling feature.
4– Wireless charging.
It is worth noting that this headset works in a closed sound design, and each headset weighs about 8.5 grams and has a battery that can work up to three hours continuously, as, for the wired range, it reaches up to 9.1 meters. As for the defects in the headset, it is represented in the fact that it lacks control In sound levels, it comes with a large and bulky charging case, and it was better to offer more shipments, and the price of the headset is $ 000.

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